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Entepreneurial Education in The United States Versus Entrepreneurial Education in Indonesia

Entepreneurial Education in The United States
Entrepreneurial Education in Indonesia
All activities that have correlation amomg, creativity, leadership and inovation are entrepreneurship.
As we know that entreprise activity in a country shows how development of a contry is. There are so many indicators to differenciate or categorize country into some levels, the one of those can be saw from how many entrepreneurial activities that controlled by citizen and government, wheter it is a small medium enterprise or big enterprise. It can be saw from these examples, based on the survey-data that 7 percent from the number of populations in Singapore has small medium enterprise  It’s one of some reasons that makes Singapore to be developing country. Furthermore, A continent that has epithet as a super power country (America) has 11 percent from total citizens. David McClelland said that a country will be the wealthy country, at least must have 2 percent from total citizens as an entrepreneur.
On the other hand, if we look Indonesia as the country that has 240 million people, we will see the fact that our beloved country just has 43.200.000 people as an entrepreneur. Indonesia still needs 4.000.000 people to be an entrepreneur. It’s an opposite thing if we look the number of people in this country.
Source : Google.com
Recently, both state and private institutions in Indonesia have done a lot of efforts to bring this country into the wealth through entrepreneurship. For example program that made by our government is KUR (Credit Business for Citizenry). It’s a program that facilitates citizen to get loan from state bank. Certainly, there are so many rules that lied by our government for people who need loan. On the other hand, private institutions or  also have done a lot of efforts to help this country to increase the number of entrepreneurs. For instance, Forum Indonesia Muda, a NGO that concern on all about young generation, put entrepreneurship as a topic for FIM 2011 which be held in Cibubur.

What’s wrong with Indonesia?
Actually, the problem is only the matter of how to build perception in our country that entrepreneurship is a prestigious activity that can apply in making enterprise activity. Increasing the number of  entrepreneurs in Indonesia is our challenge. Not only do our government have responsibility to increase that number, but we as young generation also. So that, as young generations we have suggestion for our government. We have devided suggestion into two institutions. For the first, for our government, our government must pay attention for the entrepreneutial education in Indonesia. There are so many vocational high schools that want to create the generation of entrepreneurs, they have to make a good pedagogy or curicula that has correlation with the education system in Indonesia and can be practised easily that can give entrepreneurial education effectively and efficiently. But in this case, not only do vocational high schools can produce or help this country to increase the number of entrepreneurs but the other educational institution also. As we know from that article which was witten by George Salomon, entrepreneur can be thaught for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Based on that theory, we want to suggest our government to penetrate entrepreneurial education system. The good entrepreneurial education system contains some criteria :
1.    Entrepreneurial education must include skill-building courses in negotiation, leadership, new product development, creative thinking to technological innovation (McMullan and Long, 1987; Vesper and McMullan, 1988).
2.    Garavan and O’Cinneide (1994) suggested that the best methods suited to an entrepreneurial learning style are active-applied and active- experimentation, and these also include concrete experience, reflective observation and abstract conceptualization.
3.    Effective entrepreneurial education requires students to have substantial hands-on experience working with community ventures so that they can learn to add value to real ventures and thus be prepared to add value to their own ventures (McMullan and Long, 1987)
On the other hand, i have suggestion for private instititution to help our government to increase the number of entrepreneurs. For example, media communication both visual and audio to motivate citizen in Indonesia and build mass perception that entrepreneurship is the prestigious thing.

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