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YouTube as a Golden Storage

YouTube as a Golden Storage

In this global era, so many people are closing with the internet. Internet provides a lot of things that we need, such as information, social network and the others. Beside that, internet is not an expensive thing now. Based on the data from Departement of Telecomunication United Nations, a number of internet users are 2 billion people in 2011. It means that internet is absolutely needed to support people’s life.
Book was said as the window of the world, but since internet that have been united thousand of computers appeared in 1980’s, people are moving book as a the storage of knowledge. Although we have to still short information that posted in internet. Internet approaches all people, whether young or old can use it.
Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blog are the most famous site that pull people to use them in 2000’s. Every single site has different function each other. But they’re best known as a social media. For instance, youtube as a site that has concern in sharing video enable all of people that have account in this site to share their video. So many kinds of video are here.
Youtube as a social media can give a lot of advantages even a lot of disadvantage for its users. Advantages of using this site is we can share our video that contains important moment of our life, a unique video and the others. Even, youtube is used by many artists to promote their video clip or film. The most terrific thing is very cheap to use it and free all the way. We just pay for payment of using internet connection to provider, then we can upload or download video. In Indonesia, recently youtube is used by users to promote their ability in singing. For instance, Sintha and Jojo become an artist after uploading their private video by singing “keong racun”. Attention from public was built by their unique. On the other hand, Briptu Norman from Gorontalo become popular after his emergence in youtube by singing “Caiya”, indian’s song. Over and over, his unique built attention from public. The last info said that he resigned from his occupation as a police. Unfortunately, this site also has weakness. It is made as a place that can upload all of kinds of videos. From educated video to porn video.
Article that was written by John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld, 2010 explained problem about intelectual property between Sony and JK Wedding Dance. In that case, the owner from that video is pointed to do bandit. The song that he was used is song which was sung by Chris Brown “Forever” by Sony was used as a backsound in JK Wedding Dance. It has been seen almost 70 million users from its first appearance in July 2009. It appeared respon from Sony to claim this matter. In my opinion, in the fact the uploader just want to copy that song to be backsound, and made eternal document from his married. Sony didn’t have to make this phenomena as a problem but Sony by doing well should get a lot of advantages from this phenomena. Sony could make it as a jacker for song itself.
If we look from business perspective YouTube is the best place to promote product. It’s very cheap and easily seen by people. Furthermore, not only do the users of YouTube can see the video that have been uploaded but it can be linked on many other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Blog. All of kinds of company can use this site to promote, for instance, official artis of Agnes Monica always upload official HD video to promote and share its video clip. So that it can help artists to endure their existence.

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